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Protecting Your Rights For Child Support And Spousal Support Matters

Whether you are separated or pursuing a divorce, it is important to consider your financial circumstances. You may be the sole breadwinner for your family, or a financially dependent spouse — still, you must consider your financial means, and ensure that you and your children can maintain your financial lifestyle after the relationship is over.

At Bender & Rosenthal LLP, our experienced divorce attorneys represent a diverse, exclusive clientele in cases involving child support and spousal support. We help clients to determine their financial needs, post-divorce, and provide them with advocacy that guarantees those needs are met.

In New York, statutory guidelines determine each parent’s financial responsibility to pay child support. While courts generally compute child support according to statutory formula, the guidelines do not strictly apply to matters involving high net worth parents. Bender & Rosenthal LLP matrimonial lawyers in Manhattan skillfully handle cases regarding child support issues for high-income families, protecting our clients’ financial interests and assisting them in obtaining the most optimal outcome for their children and themselves, whether by court order or agreement.

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Our firm is experienced in child support cases involving:

  • High-income parents’ child support determinations
  • Children with special needs
  • Self-employed parents whose incomes are difficult to determine
  • Enforcement of agreements or court orders
  • Modification of agreements or court orders
  • Issues involving reimbursement for health care, educational, extracurricular and child care expenses

Alimony, on the other hand, is based upon many factors, including:

  • A couple’s standard of living
  • The reasonable needs of the dependent spouse
  • The ability of the obligated spouse to pay support

Our law firm is highly experienced at representing both dependent and payor spouses. In both cases, we work with accountants and other professionals to craft a budget for the dependent spouse and determine the appropriate amount of spousal support.

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