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Experienced Guidance For Modifications And Enforcements Of Custody And Support Obligations

A divorce is never really “final” because of the strange twists and turns that life can hand us.

A divorced parent with custody of a child or children can be reassigned to another state on business. A noncustodial co-parent may need to seek employment or specialized health care available only outside New York. A sudden, unexpected accident or personal injury can have financial repercussions that impact the victim’s ability to work, and to pay child support and spousal support.

At Bender & Rosenthal LLP in Manhattan, our experienced matrimonial law attorneys are fully prepared to advocate for clients who want to request or contest a modification of a New York divorce settlement agreement.

Likewise, we can apply our law firm’s decades of combined experience to the goal of enforcing settlement agreement obligations for child custody, visitation, child support and spousal support after a high-asset divorce. If a court order is needed to compel parties to abide by the law, we can pursue that course of action while providing attentive personal service.

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