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When A Parent’s Geographic Relocation Impacts A Family, Post-Divorce

Divorced parents are often called upon to relocate outside the state of New York for purposes of business transfer, specialized health care and job-seeking.

After the court has determined that a custodial arrangement between parents should be adjusted, a custodial parent may reinitiate a custody dispute, requesting that children relocate with him or her.

At Bender & Rosenthal LLP, our experienced matrimonial law and divorce attorneys have extensive experience with handling complex child custody disputes involving national and international relocation.

In any relocation case, we work to protect the needs of our clients and best interests of their children. Using our vast experience protecting our clients’ interests during a relocation application, our post-judgment modifications lawyers advocate for the court to enter an order setting forth a practical solution to a very complex issue.

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Our law firm is highly experienced in advocating for geographic relocation clients involving:

  • A custodial parent who remarries and requests to move outside of the state of New York or a stipulated radius clause
  • A custodial parent who cannot afford to live in the area and has a support network elsewhere
  • A custodial parent who has a child with a health issue that demands relocation for sufficient care
  • A custodial parent whose employer transfers him or her to another location

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