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Preparing New York Parents And Children For Life After Divorce

Parents pursuing divorce in New York have the right to request parent coordination, so that a parenting plan may be put in place for future care, custody, and visitation of a child or children.

The parenting coordinator may be an experienced family law attorney trained in mediation, or a neutral third party, such as a mental health professional.

At the Bender & Rosenthal LLP matrimonial law firm in Manhattan, our lawyers can skillfully assist with this form of alternative dispute resolution focused on the needs of children of high-conflict parents.

Our knowledgeable, attentive services include:

  • Implementation of a parenting plan that directly address the client’s and child’s unique problems
  • Timely resolutions of disputes
  • Parent education that identifies and clarifies issues in a child’s upbringing
  • Decision-making within the scope of a court order
  • Ensuring consistent compliance with the parenting plan
  • Promoting healthy parent-child relationships

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