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Experienced New York City Matrimonial Law Firm Handling All Aspects Of Orthodox Jewish Divorce

Orthodox Jewish couples who seek to dissolve their marriages must balance both the civil laws of the state of New York and the religious laws of the Jewish faith.

At Bender & Rosenthal LLP, we are one of the few Manhattan matrimonial law firms to have a Modern Orthodox attorney, who deeply understands the issues confronted in a religious divorce.

Through our extensive experience handling Orthodox Jewish divorces, our lawyers know how to protect our clients’ civil interests while remaining mindful of Jewish traditions, holidays, laws and other considerations inherent to a Jewish divorce.

Distinguished Attorneys Handling Orthodox Jewish Divorce

It is important for an Orthodox Jewish person going through a divorce to work with an experienced attorney who respects Jewish laws. We understand the process for obtaining a “Get” and know how to handle the civil repercussions when a person refuses, or is unable to obtain, a “Get”.

In addition to helping to finalize a Jewish divorce, we skillfully assist clients with all matters pertaining to contested and high-asset divorce, including:

  • Legal separation
  • Mediation
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Spousal and child support
  • Equitable distribution of property
  • Jewish divorce and your children

Orthodox Jewish families follow deep-seated traditions and celebrate various holidays, which must be considered when establishing a custody and visitation schedule for children. At Bender & Rosenthal LLP, we have extensive experience with negotiating and litigating cases where the intricacies of the Jewish tradition must be incorporated into the civil divorce.

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